Feeling excited!

Well, tonight I spent most of my time on youtube looking at how to actually “juice” 🙂 Can I juice the entire fruit, seeds and all? What can I juice? What can I not juice? What fruits or veggies produce more juice than others? It is definitely a learning experience! I must say, I am quite excited and bought a juicer on Friday. I bought a Jack LaLane and I cannot wait to get it out of the box! As I was watching the youtube videos that many others have posted they have all been inspired by Joe Cross- Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Like I stated in another post, this is definitely a must watch and if you’re not feeling motivated- watch it tonight!

We are so ready to get this weight off of us! I want to feel more energetic & the thing I am looking forward to the most is being able to walk up to the mirror and feel good about myself and what I am wearing. I don’t even bother looking at myself in the mirror when I get out of the shower because I am so ashamed! I hate that and want to change this immediately! It gives me a bitter feeling throughout my body that I am so young and my confidence is down the drain. I will be posting pictures throughout our progress, so please watch for them and keep us going! Also, if you’re doing a juice fast or just juicing in general, let us know- it’s fun to keep in touch and to give hints to one another on our new journey!

We also bought a digital scale and a glass container with a lid that we can bring to work. Juicing while working will be a bit of a challenge (juice isn’t as fresh after a couple of hours). I learned that putting a lemon or a citrus fruit in the juice will keep the taste much fresher! Our plan is to juice in the morning twice. Once for breakfast to bring with us in the car and another for lunch to fill into the glass container. Note: Glass, not plastic! Plastic smells, discolors, and your juice can end up having that “plastic taste”. Glass is the way to go!

Juice on! 🙂

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