Day 1 of our juicing fast!

It’s day one!! We couldn’t feel more motivated today to wake up and start juicing for the first time! It was a great and rewarding experience and we loved juicing together this morning! Brian prepared the fruits and veggies, along with ginger root and turmeric and I put everything into the juicer! It’s amazing to watch how much juice is coming out and it smells so good too(especially cucumber)! I think we were both so amazed at the fact that we are actually eating all of those fruits & vegetables in one glass! 🙂  It honestly feels good knowing that what we are putting into our bodies is beneficial!

For breakfast we had a recipe we found on “Reboot with Joe” (his website). It’s called Dad’s Day OJ. We were both immediately drawn to this because of the oranges! There are not only oranges in this recipe but there is pineapple, ginger root, romaine lettuce, lime, and ground turmeric for that extra little spice! I have to say, it was quite delicious!

Lunch- I made “Joe’s Mean Green” juice to bring with me to work for lunch in a glass container- it worked out wonderfully. I was hoping it stayed fresh from 7 AM to 12PM and it did! All I did was shook it up real good and poured it over some ice! Yum! It was pretty good and I think the taste will eventually grow on me. This juice had apples, a cucumber, celery, lemon (chose to peel it- because I heard that the taste can be quite bitter?) and kale. I have to leave the house at 7 and cannot bring a juicer with me to work! I would look a little funny in the break room! Before this juice fast- I already got made fun of for bringing a mini crock pot, I don’t need to bring a juicer into the mix! Haha!

Throughout the day we drank herbal tea (no sugar added) and lots of water to stay full and hydrated!

Well, we are home now. Feeling pretty good, but a little hungry. Staying hydrated is a must! I was reading that your water intake is crucial to avoid constipation or diarrhea. So, we’ve been drinking like crazy!

Dinner…. we’re juicing up some carrots, apples and a piece of ginger. I hope that it’s good- we will definitely let you guys know!

Thanks for following us and keeping us motivated! Comment below for any advice that you have for us, or for any questions 😉